My Journey and What I Miss

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing.  Since 2005 I’ve written three books.  

I reinvented myself as a writer in my 60’s.  I used to be a photographer.  I didn’t just take pictures, my passion was candid photography that told stories about people in their environment.  I once spent a year in a children’s ballet studio and the next year in a dress factory documenting the workers, getting to know their stories.   

 In 1983, autumn issue, Camera Canada published my portfolio featuring the day-today routine in an old age nursing home.  

I miss my old Nikon SLR manual camera.  I miss my darkroom work, the processing and printing.   Children are my passion.  I miss teaching young offenders/youth protection kids in a residential setting how to communicate by taking pictures.  I miss using Polaroid cameras with autistic kids. 

I have a certificate in phototherapy and I miss speaking to the Special Care Counselling and Photography Departments at Vanier College. 

Yes, I miss those days. But I have evolved in another way. 

I love being a Calla Lily Woman flowering and carrying the spirit of youth into old age, never losing my enthusiasm. 

Cannot Live Withouts

(in alphabetical order)

  1. Art Deco
  2. Airedale puppies
  3. British authors
  4. Boots, boots, boots
  5. Blackjet private jet service
  6. Calvin Klein faded work shirts
  7. Children’s artwork
  8. Deborah Turbeville’s fashion photographs
  9. Diane (DeeAnn) Arbus photos
  10. Eighties disco music
  11. Fall issue of Vogue magazine
  12. Fun fake furs
  13. Fireplaces
  14. Grandchildren
  15. Greystone townhouses
  16. Grinch
  17. Houses with conservatories
  18. Halloween
  19. Henri-Cartier Bresson
  20. Ice cream
  21. Ivan Grundahl designs
  22. Inns
  23. Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings
  24. Jeeps
  25. Kisses, chocolate only
  26. Kodiak boots
  27. Licorice
  28. Leather jackets
  29. Monologues by Cally Lily women
  30. Montreal
  31. Narrator with a sense of humour
  32. Nat King Cole
  33. Old English libraries
  34. Oliver typewriter
  35. Picasso at ninety
  36. Palm Beach
  37. Photo Therapy
  38. Questions for interviews
  39. Quality people
  40. Roger Federer
  41. Rain slicker down to the ankles
  42. Red plaid flannel shirt
  43. Stilettos
  44. Silver chunky I.D. bracelet
  45. Sam’s Will, the memoir
  46. Tweed blazers
  47. Turn-of-the-century townhouses
  48. Tuxedos
  49. Underground concourse Westmount Square
  50. Voro Café-Bistro
  51. Vanity Fair
  52. Wrap-around-porches
  53. Women who turn shit to sugar
  54. Wrecked jeans
  55. Xmas
  56. Yogurt
  57. Zoo, a novel
  58. Zzzzzz